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Isabell Schulz Fotografie en Mode


"I use images, I use colours, I use form. I’m not a writer"

Isabell Schulz is a young artist, who tries to make herself recognisable by showing herself with all her shortcomings and problems. Her work may unintentionally shock, at least a little. "I do contemplate what the world is all about. Everywhere I look, I see things that make me wonder if the world is fair and just. You can see the question marks of these thoughts in my work". I am not a person of speech, or using words, I use images, I use colours, I use form. I’m not a writer.

All the time, Isabell tries to find new concepts, new materials, new forms. "It ’s not “less is more” but “more is more”. A small part of this concept, should be, in my opinion, in everybody. There is no maximum in making an effort to make a piece of art, we should take risks in everything we do. This world offers us opportunities, not only in creating and showing possibilities, but also in letting our minds flow, using imagination, using the different means offered by our modern technical equipment. I hope I am able to develop myself, to find new ways to express myself, to become wiser and put this all into my creational process".

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Isabell Schulz


Isabell Schulz
Oplage: 9
80 x 120 cm
Hoge kwaliteit Lambda foto, verlijmd tussen 3 mm dibond en helder plexiglas.
Inclusief ophangsysteem

Richtprijs EUR 1750
Minimum bod EUR 650

BIED MEE o.v.v. kavel nummer 422

Of bel 010-455 15 61 of mail naar