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Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan
Qatari artist


Dr. Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan
The Family
Zilveren mat ingegraveerd aluminium op gekleurd hout
86 x 106 cm
Richtprijs EUR 3500

Minimum bod 1750

BIED MEE o.v.v. kavel nummer 350

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Dr. Shetha Faraj Abbo Al Numan

Because of my rich cultural background, narrating the tale of the Armenian and Iraqi/ Baghdadi life and culture became the aspiration of my art concept. As I find myself interested in interrupting the cultural scene and the daily human activities of my homeland in the composition of my work. With this I record the customs, heritage, and social traditions of my country, I also enjoy the description of the environment and architecture to sign the place and time.

In my art I have translated the Baghdadi scenes which are stamped in my memory, in a modern cubist architectural style that combines modernism in a fashionable way that reflects the vivid Iraqi conscience and sense of belonging in me. I have thought long about what I should exhibit in my work and after many practices and long trials, I decided to utilize the Baghdadi school motif in a new vision stemming from my personal experience and memory, in which I meant to record and share my legacy.

In this context and from my experience during my stay in Qatar for the past18 years, I got influenced with the Gulf region ambiance, which has been reflected in a number of my art work. As I did explore some of the daily life traditions and activities, in addition to some of the architectural landmarks of Doha.

My work came closer to the impressionist geometric style, which reflects my academic background in design as in the composition, structure, and the general concept of the work. The colors that I have been using depicts with its tints and shades the Arabic pallet of colors and the distinct colors of its natural environment, which is rich in blues, greens, browns, and golden shades. As they mark most of the regional rich art productions such as; fine arts, calligraphy, design, architecture, arabesque and applied arts. However, my perception in utilizing the Baghdadi School is a new vision in terms of the work structure and the general composition, in addition to the color shades and shadows which express my idea, concept and vision. All this aims to revive the memory of this original Iraqi style in art which was found in the sixties of last century by a number of creative pioneer Iraqi artists.